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Redesign, New Music & The Bravery

2007-10-02 17:53:53 by themissiondistrict

Hey everyone, Our Myspace has been completely redesigned, with some brand new photos of us in various stages of debauchery (many of which I find extremely unflattering, so I hope you enjoy them.) We have also posted a new song from our album called the Age of Pretending, which you are free to download, share with your friends, put on your iPod, or anything else you choose to do with it. If you have already done so than be sure to send us a comment letting us know what you think.

In other news, we are happy to report that we will be opening for the Bravery on Friday, October 12th at le Studio Juste Pour Rire in Montreal, so we hope to see all you Montrealers turn up to what promises to be an awesome show (and hey, if you live in Ontario or the surrounding area, Montreal is a quick road trip away and is a great place to spend the weekend, so you should come say hi too!)

So once again, we'd like to thank everyone that has taken the time to visit the site over the last few days (and there have been quite a few of you,) you guys are awesome and we genuinely appreciate all the support. Keep checking back in with us over the next few weeks, we will be posting another tune from the record shortly as well as more videos, and if you're especially lucky, more of my insane ramblings. Until then, everybody make sure that they rock on as much as possible.


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2007-10-05 04:55:46

Liked your song from NG =]


2007-11-11 14:23:12


When will you have another?


2008-04-14 10:32:23

hey u guys rock. i love indie bands. 5 stars!

By the way, my father is the CEO and CFO of Obey Propaganda Industries. AKA the clothing brand "OBEY". he owns 62% of the company making him the largest shareowner, also giving him the power to SPONSOR BANDS!!! if you've heard about obey tell me and if not, google it.. we'd be happy to support you guys.

Carter J
( )