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Entry #2

new song!

2007-11-27 03:27:27 by themissiondistrict

hey just letting you know we have a new song up called Come On...its the second track (first was the age of pretending) weve added off our soon to be released album called
Youth Games....check our my space for new songs and tour dates.


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2007-11-27 03:43:37

Finally! A new track! Checked your myspace account already.

Hope your album can reach the Philippines. ^_^ (If not, there's Fed-ex.)

Keep it up! Great tracks!


2008-04-14 10:32:52

hey u guys rock. i love indie bands. 5 stars!

By the way, my father is the CEO and CFO of Obey Propaganda Industries. AKA the clothing brand "OBEY". he owns 62% of the company making him the largest shareowner, also giving him the power to SPONSOR BANDS!!! if you've heard about obey tell me and if not, google it.. we'd be happy to support you guys.

Carter J
( )


2009-01-07 16:42:40

ANOTHER NEW SONG (Heartbreak)!

That was so awesome.
Upload it to Newgrounds.
Or somewhere where I can get/buy it!